Success Stories

    • The staff is incredible and I cannot say enough good things about the care, the staff, and the environment of this practice. They keep you well informed and updated on everything. I have suffered with pain for approximately ten years now and this is the first time I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. I have regained hope that I am not stuck for life in discomfort and the results of care have been tremendous. I cannot thank everyone at Holland chiropractic enough. You are all amazing!!!!!
      Amanda M.

    • Dear Friends at Holland Chiropractic,  Heartfelt best wishes for a blessed, fulfilling and prosperous 2006!  What can I say to adequately thank you? You were there for me when over-doing, over-stressed, over-committed and under-exercised lifestyle finally crashed with waves of pain in my back. You were not only THERE, but offered a $100-off coupon for my first consultation! And brought me right into your inner room, where I found such a combination of compassion and expertise that I knew that Divine Providence must have led me to you.  And that has continued consistently. The warm heating pads, the hugs, the deep, expert massages, the adjustments, and the supportive, non-judgmental attitude toward my personal crisis have been SUCH a healing combination!  The lumbar pillow I bought from you went to Africa with me for those very long hours in the sky. Since then it has eased my aunt’s way in recovery from two hip operations. The ointment you sell at the front desk brought blessed relief to a Fire Chief who was badly broken up in a motorcycle accident. He’s back on the job now. One of your pillows is being used by my dad and another one, by his best friend.  You have become an oasis in my journey.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, and GOD BLESS YOU ALL!  With love from one of your biggest fans,
      Carolyn Hall

    • I am a longtime sufferer of headaches (that is what has stared me on this wellness journey) so I am not a stranger to working with a migraine.  I have the sort of migraines where every ray of light, every noise, and every movement cause my head to pound.  My eyes hurt and my vision is blurry , and I just try to make it through my work day.  Brenda Pinkham came through the door one of these days and noticed immediately that something was wrong.  I told her about the  migraines.  Brenda told me that she is also a  migraine sufferer.  Through the weeks following, we traded migraine relief secrets and she mentioned the office where she worked and how she thought I could benefit from an appointment.  In the beginning, when Brenda started telling me I could benefit from chiropractic care, I was skeptical.  Being someone who suffered from headaches all my life as well as chronic back and neck pain for about 8 years, I did not feel as thought health was a reasonable goal.  I gave up and stopped going to the doctors 2 years ago.  I felt defeated.  I was in pain everyday; I just developed ways to deal with it.  I had been through physical therapy, massage therapy, and was prescribed numerous pain killers and pain management medications.  Nothing really worked.   I was at the point where I was tired of being given pills to deal with pain and no explanation as to why I was in pain.  Brenda told me stories of how the doctors at HCWC helped people often, so it did not take her long to  convince me that I needed to make an appointment, but I was worried that I would not be able to afford it.  Thankfully, after seeing me unable to turn my head on day, Brenda re-explained all of my payment options and took my insurance information and told me she would do all the “leg” work with my insurance if I came in for an appointment.  After three months of care, I cannot describe how much I thank Brenda!!  It is a shame that I did not listen to her sooner.  I feel better than ever.  I have had one headache in three months.  This is a far cry from the frequent headaches and migraines of months passed.  In my experience, when it comes to healthcare, the person doing the “caring” can make all the difference.  When it come to being helpful and caring, the staff at HCWC is number one!  Every time I go through the door, I am welcomed by everyone.  The atmosphere is always upbeat and comfortable.  Overall my experience with chiropractic care and the doctors and staff at HCWC has been remarkable.  Everyday, I wake up and feel the amazing difference in my life.  I feel stronger and have a  better outlook on life.  I feel better now than I have during any other treatment in the past 8 years.  Thank you all for your help getting me here and for continuing to help me achieve even more.
      Jessica Washburn


    • It was the autumn of 2000 and I was in the process of moving from Nebraska to Maine to live with friends as my wife and I dealt with her terminally ill mother. I had not slept thorough the night without getting up for two years. The pain in my lower back would wake me from a sound sleep and make it very difficult, if not impossible, to get back to sleep. My wife’s health care coverage included chiropractic health coverage for the first time so I decided to give it a try.  Right from the very beginning I was very impressed with Dr. Jeff Slocum’s professional manner. He would not work on me until he had a set of back x-rays to develop a proper diagnosis of the health of my spine. My treatment did not begin and end with my visits. Included in the treatments were suggestions for exercises to strengthen the muscles, techniques at home to alleviate some of the pressure on my lower back, and suggestions on how to better utilize a variety sleeping positions. I felt a difference almost immediately. Within two months I was sleeping through the night.  I continued my treatments and following the suggestions even after I felt better. I did not want to go back to feeling like I did before! Now, you may be asking yourself, “Was he sleeping well just because of the treatments or did his life settle down and provide less stress?” In 2001 we lost my mother-in-law, I started a new career and started taking classes at USM, my wife was diagnosed with cancer, and my mother had heart surgery. Could I have dealt with all of this and not have been sleeping through the night as well? The answer is no! The good news is that now my father-in-law lives in Maine in his dream home, my wife and mother are healthy, I completed my Masers degree and am teaching, and I sleep through the night without any lower back pain at all!  Thank you, the staff at Holland Chiropractic Wellness Center!
      Stephen Seymour